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Pegler Automation, Inc.,
with over 34-years of experience in electronic and mechanical control systems engineering, focuses on sales and service for Boiler Automation Systems, Engineers Alarm Systems, Data Acquisition Systems, and associated controls for Power Generation, Cogeneration, and shipboard propulsion applications.

Pegler Automation, Inc. presents an extensive record of innovative solutions to highly technical problems. 

Pegler Automation, Inc. offers sales and service for all your marine, offshore and industrial automation needs including electronic control systems, electrical systems, pneumatic control systems and computer automation.

Pegler Automation, Inc. Key Strengths include:

Pegler Automation Service Truck
Pegler Automation, Inc  designed and developed the model  GCS generator controls package and the model CEA707 Scada system package installed on this rig while working for Joliet Technologies.

Pegler Automation Control Panel
Combustion Controls

Pegler Automation Generator Controls
Generator Controls


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